Punish Me Mommy

by Orafist

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released January 15, 2016

Recorded by Jon Elfers with help from Sam de Garis
Mixed and mastered by Jon Elfers

All songs written and performed by Orafist
Becca Kranz - vocals
Devon Bonadonna -vocals, guitar, piano
Emma Sprague - vocals
Nick Charney - drums
Tori Sargent - vocals, bass
Cailley Cullotta - viola
Additional vocals by Caleb Horton and Sadie Solomon
Additional stomping on Eternal by Matthew Larkin
Album art by Emma Sprague

Special thanks:
Jacob Folsom-Fraster, Katy Barnes, Adam Wriggins, and Maddy Boardman for putting up with our noise and helping to make this possible

Gabe Trevor and Aaron Meyer for their presences and support

Clark University Pub Entertainment Committee, Alexander D. Rothfelder, Aaron Meyer, and Joe Hart for watering this sprout on its way to blooming

Skye Baptiste for her puppeteering talent and artistic vision

Nick Gilfor for providing the acoustic guitar

The Paris of the 80's, Worcester, MA

Our fans, The Fistbabies

And Traci L. Charney, Michelle Sargent, Eileen Donovan-Kranz, Sue Bonadonna, and Amanda Bouquet. You rock. This one's for you.



all rights reserved


Orafist Worcester, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Personal Hell
Feels like we’re living in retirement homes,
paths followed rigid medicated to cope
Fog up the windows or else cover your mouth,
we watch the healing from the inside out

and when we slept in on the floor
i dreamed of sensation you dreamed that we had grown up
i asked “do you really think you could live such a long time?”
you said you already had
and it was

Your own personal hell, your own personal hell
I guess its just as well, that its here as well

I feel so old from the cracks on my forehead, im folding up from the pressure
And on the mornings were I can’t leave my bed

The sheets feel like hell
The air feels like hell
My body feels like hell
It all feels like hell
Track Name: Little One
i aint wasting no more time
the door is open but its not mine
all the hours you wait
move closer to the grave

Your five for now and just three feet tall
The space above you is holding all
All im doing is losing now just breaking down and thinning out
And yet you grab out for my hand
reach for solemn command
If I cant grow myself at least I can help you

you look twice as old when you break down physically
your age is matched, by anyone whose ever found themselves lost from
where they had began, growing old is just part of the plan
but i think you’re still a kid, if you can scream and rage for nothing

Foreign eyes see awful things
Colors burst from where wet wounds sting
You reach out just to cause some pain
You’re young and selfish, its all the same
I grew evil from some past days
Hate and envy over total rage
I see it simmer till it overflows
You’ll kill us all one day that much I know
Track Name: Blood
If I’m doing the math right,
I say I got another 16 years of life
Just based on the last few,
I don’t think i can take that much more abuse

Fresh blood on my shinbone,
my stomach churning at the sight of it moving so slow
Just get this venom out of me,
its causing pain that my body couldn’t believe
Its stuck

So if im scabbing up its just probably cause it’s a lot easier to harden than to loosen up,
And when I wanna die I could tell you why its cause I spend to much time alone getting high,
I got an itch I gotta scratch and I will tear my skin off trying to get to it,
I’ll be covered in blood I’ll be having fun riding alone in a water park of human fluid
(dont make me do it)

beat and broke down on the side of the road
shattered and stalling
the traffic left me alone
sick hot fever
you took me in to your bed
dried off my cold sweat
then you left me for dead
Track Name: Religion
Find me at your feet
i never asked to be your memory
if you’re not tired, then im not tired
but i’ll go back to sleep

im not going with you
these holy words are not for me
the light’s been out for way too long
my allergies are kicking the dust off

a phantom sleeps on my bedroom floor
you watch thru the window pane
my blood isn’t holy, it isn’t pure
but the devils all know me by name

i’m not going with you
these holy words are not for me
the light’s been out for way too long
my allergies are kicking the dust off

i been holding on, your love from a long time
i been holding on, your strength for a lifetime
i been trying to find, some pattern in bloodlines
i been holding on your love from a long time

please check me out of this place
we die in foreign space
whats left behind, from grandpas house
i take to wearing out
Track Name: Eternal
I am never gonna die

I’m gonna live for eternity
I think i’m bleeding internally
Stop looking at me like i’m gonna explode
if i’m in pain believe me i’ll let you know

Let’s spend lots of money on things that make us feel bad
Might as well since I have to be awake now
It doesn't matter if I can find my way home
But I’ll fucking kill you if you leave me here alone

I can’t wait to have a kid
I’ve planned my wedding and all that fun shit
Nothing is certain but i’m sure it will be fine
If you don't think about it you never have to die

I just want to feel like I'm doing what i should
I couldn't handle it and I just don't feel good
I really wish i could just go to bed
but i can’t wake up knowing i’m one day closer to death

I am never gonna die