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in a landscape five feet wide
lit too well with neon lights
i pictured your dizzy laugh filling up the room
i tried to paint it in the next afternoon
i spilled the water and the canvas picked my hands till they bled
tore the hair out of my head
so fingers don’t fail me now, cause i can’t seem to recount and

you’re not coming back the way you were before
words and pictures are coming up short
and when i try to turn my eyes back in my head, thats all i can see

my fingernails are cracking i read it was a sign of getting old
and i can never get out of bed right I’m just like everyone that i know
so words don’t fail me now, cause i am trying to tell you right out
tiny little cracks in the picture are changing everything i told you about myself

on a mountain five thousand feet high
i sat above the tree line
i looked back at those well formed folds
that held, caressed me when i was cold
but now the scars in the tree line are looking less sharp and i can hardly draw a picture of
the pain in my legs or the aching in my chest and i never wrote down what they told me

so memories are failing me now, i’m losing past parts of myself
memories are failing me now and i will never figure out

if all my days spent on repeat
were real or just remembered dreams
cause when i think back to the ridges in your spine, they’re covered in leaves

my tiny broken fingernails are scratching trail blazes along your back
so if and when i ever get out of bed i can find my way right back
maps never did me no good, they offered poor description of the woods
but the tiny soft hairs on your chest are blowing just like oak trees

i can't get out
i am somehow
trapped beneath you
somewhere on the climb down
i got myself all tangled up in you
and your achings




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Orafist Worcester, Massachusetts

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