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oh i wanna find your suicide machines
and i wanna die so completely
you should have known
called me, injury prone
i swallowed salt water
before i drove home alone

the ocean was cold, the air moved slow
it flowed in between the gaps in my teeth
in that last breath, i wrote what i had left
with my nails, scratched in the sand

i called it last rites

i changed my face, changed my clothes my hair this place
i burned down this town without making a sound
you looked distressed i saw your forever sinking chest
i turned away, i just thought you’d stay

how did things end up this bad (when its so close to ending)
try to appreciate what you had (and watch it fade away)
into someone else, before you break yourself
close up, and lock down

shut in and drown out
submit and decay
rack your brain for ways that you could stay
when you should really get the fuck away

google maps from here to alaska
i-90 till you hit nebraska
directions back home are a little unclear

find a way to fix what you’ve broken,
find a way help whoever you left without a map
who got last on the long walk back

but i, always want to leave
wherever i am, regardless of what it means
i, i hate sitting still
and the self that comes with what i ask not to feel

and it goes
google maps from here to alaska
love yourself thats all that we ask you
alright, but its easier said than done

soften up when you think that its safe to
keep swinging if you feel yourself fighting for your life
or sleep, and dream all night

please don’t ever stop
cause i need you, a whole very lot
and i, i will stick around
keep my ear to the ground, for any worrying types of sounds




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Orafist Worcester, Massachusetts

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